Farm Boys (or, Sabean's Record, Pt. 4) 

As I failed to mention a couple weeks ago, it would be foolish, while attempting a comprehensive evaluation of Brian Sabean's track record, to try to duplicate the analysis of the Giants' farm system and development philosophy that others perform quite thoroughly and ably. So, as I toil away at an examination of Sabean's free-agent moves (part 2) and a comparison of Sabean to other GMs (part 3), I jump ahead to part 4 of my Sabeanography and present to you a smorgasbord of other people's takes on Sabean's reign o'er the minor league system. (Side note: it looks like some real baseball scholars are working on a sabermetric GM evaluation system. More on this later.)

For the farm tour, start at The McBoofey Waiticles with an excellent discussion of and links to yesterday's Baseball America evalution of the Giants' minor leagues. Grant not only elbowed his way like Bill Laimbeer into the question queue several times during BA writer John Manuel's chat, he got deserved shout-out for his blogwork. It's all required reading, and if you haven't registered on Grant's site to join the Waiticles "family," then be warned: when the spaceship comes to get all of us, you'll be left behind holding your Nikes and your Kool-Aid. Go! Now! Join!

If you just crawled out from under a dial-up modem, Steve Shelby nabbed a preview interview with Manuel that Fogball posted on Feb. 13.

Here's more John Manuel analysis on the Giants' position prospects.

More must-read: a three-part series by Martin Lee, aka, "Biased Giants Fanatic," who questions the conventional wisdom that the Giants are retards in waiving the right to their first-round draft picks.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 is on its way, perhaps as early as this weekend, says Martin.

Got more analysis of Sabean's effect on the Giants' minor leagues? Let me know and I'll add to this list.


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