Chalk One Up For Barry 

UPDATE: I missed this one: ESPN's Jerry Crasnick has a thoughtful and rather sympathetic piece on Bonds (subscription req'd).


A couple days after Barry Bonds's much-discussed press conference during which he called the media "liars," Giants' owner Peter Magowan has come back from Europe and chimed in (an AP story just hit the wires).

Here are the harshest words from Magowan:

"I would have said some things maybe a little differently," Magowan said Friday, speaking in the dugout during a quick visit to the team's spring training home. "But we have to remember this is a free country. People have a right to say what they think. I'm not the one under that kind of pressure and scrutiny that he was."

Here are the headlines that Web site editors have assigned to the story:

(from CNNSI.com):
Bonds' boss not happy
Giants owner says slugger was too harsh with media

(from SFGate.com):
Barry's Words Surprise Magowan

(from ESPN.com):
Giants owner wishes Bonds was less combative

Funny how no headline reads, "Magowan defends Bonds' right to speak his mind" or "Magowan understands Barry's feelings," both of which would be more accurate. (Read the entire AP piece.)

These headlines aren't exactly lies, but if you're already expecting bias, as Bonds is, there's not much difference between a lie and lazy misrepresentation by an editor who skims the wire copy looking for an easy hook into the story.

If anyone finds other interesting headlines or an updated version of the story, let me know in the comments box.


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