But It's OK To Be Mocked By A Talking Duck 

this just over the wires:

Baseball legend Yogi Berra is suing Turner Broadcasting System for $10 million after his name appeared in the company's advertisements for "Sex and the City" re-runs.

The former New York Yankees player, 79, was furious to see his name used "improperly" on subways and buses in promotional material for the now-defunct HBO comedy.

Berra was offended by one ad in particular, which asked readers to define the term "Yogasm." One of the multiple choice answers was "b.) sex with Yogi Berra." The correct answer was "c.) What Samantha has with a guy from yoga class," referring to Kim Cattrall's sex-mad character.

In the suit filed in New York Supreme Court, the retired sports star says he had been tainted by the ad, pointing out he is a married grandfather and a "deeply religious man who has maintained and continues to maintain a moral lifestyle."


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