Two From Alou 

Two quotes of note from Felipe in an AP piece that ran yesterday:

"To become a major league manager is a dream that many men have in the world of baseball and only 30 have the honor to do this job," he said. "I waited a long time to get this job and I would consider retirement a betrayal to my family and my country."

Felipe speaks English with more verve and heft than any American-born baseball player or manager I can think of. He's the Lawrence Olivier of the greensward.

Here's his second quote:

"It's a blessing of life to have Moises close to me again," Alou said. "The Giants will be better with him. I'm going to use him to bat cleanup behind Barry Bonds."

I was away for the Moises signing, but is that the first time Felipe has stated that Barry will hit third and Moises fourth? I'm a bit surprised; I thought Snow might sneak up to third against RHP, given how often he gets on base. So that puts the prospective opening day lineup somewhere around here:

2b Durham
ss Vizquel
lf Bonds
rf Alou
1b Snow/Feliz
3b Alfonzo
cf Grissom/Tucker
c Matheny

I drove past the Caltrain station today, and the sight of a quiet early morning Pac Bell Park made me think of the park's wide open spaces, which made me think of the old guys in the Giants outfield, which made me realize that unless Jason Ellison and his sorry-ass major-league equivalent average of .167 becomes the defensive-replacement fifth outfielder, their best outfielder will be Marquis Grissom... which made me pray that if Sabean makes any kind of trade between now and April, it has to be Grissom and at least one of the young pitching prospects for someone who can cover a lot of ground in centerfield and ably replace Grissom's bat. Reports were flying before I left for vacation that the Giants were seriously interested in Dave Roberts, Scott (Silent-D) Podsednik, and other annoying little men. Thank goodness nothing of the sort was consummated.

Question: If you were J.P. Ricciardi, what would it take to pry Vernon Wells loose from your roster?


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