Elbo: Optimist Club 

Buster Olney says the Giants are fit for a championship run. (He also mistakes one of their young pitchers for longtime Kansas City Chiefs kicker Nick Lowery.)

Olney says the NL West will be weak enough to be a toss-up in 2005. (I think he's right, though the division is really no worse than the AL Central or the NL East.) But when he speculates that the Dodgers could really stink "if Drew goes down and the Dodgers' thin starting pitching crumbles," it makes me wonder why he didn't write an article about how someone else could win it all "if the Giants' old lineup shows its age and its young starters don't come through." That seems equally likely to me, quite honestly. Either way, both assertions involve substantial speculation.

I'm a little surprised to see anyone in the national press calling the Giants championship material, but it gives me hope for their chances in 2005.


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