Elbo: "Looked like some kind of family reunion" 

The inexplicable non-tendering of Dustan Mohr now seems a preface to the Giants' signing of Moises Alou, which seems imminent tonight. The putative 2005 regulars, and their ages on Opening Day:

1B Snow 37
2B Durham 33
SS Vizquel 37*
3B Alfonzo 31**
LF Bonds 40
CF Grissom 37*
RF Alou 38
C Matheny 34

*Will celebrate a birthday during April 2005.
**Plays like he's 41.

I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for Pedro Feliz, who doesn't turn 30 until April 27.

It's possible that Moises will put up some decent numbers -- and equally possible that he'll get hurt or lay an egg here. That isn't the point. It's pretty unfathomable that the Giants' front office has cried poverty on signing really good players in their primes, but has committed this much money to aging vets who may or may not produce. Disappointing to say the least. Very discouraging.

[Greetings from Back East, by the way. Apologies if blog updates are a little spotty until next week; I'm doing my best to cover for El Lefty while he's away. - Elbo]


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