Couldn't Call It Unexpected  

TheGiants season ticket renewal form just arrived in the mail. Seats in the 1-3-8 are now $15 each, quite a bargain compared to the cost of buying the seats individually at $17 a pop weekdays and $22 for weekend games. Is this the first year the Giants have used the two-tier pricing system for weekday/weekend games? I hadn't noticed that before.

The priciest seat in the house is $77 for an individual weekend "premium field club" ticket. That's still cheaper than the most expensive seat at Fenway, which has the highest prices in baseball. The disparity is most obvious at the bottom of the price rung: a Pac Bell SRO ticket is $10/$12, but at Fenway it's $20.

Here's an interesting business-of-baseball tidbit from a wire article on Fenway's remodeled field:

The base of the old field was dirt. The new one will have a drainage system topped by 3 inches of gravel and 9 inches of sand through which the water can seep. Lucchino said the estimated cost of $1 million to $1.5 million could be recouped by avoiding just one rainout.


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