Closer Too Fine 

Or too expensive, as the case may be. Troy Percival has signed with the Detroit Tigers for $12 million over two years. Scratch him off the Giants' list, but it seemed pretty obvious that they weren't going to go heavily after Percival or Armando Benitez. As I mentioned yesterday, I think Hermanson can be a good if not dominant closer, especially with a strong supporting cast in the bullpen and enough rest. Who knows? He may be on the Dennis Eckersley career path, where a faltering career in the starting rotation gets its second wind in the bullpen. (There's something a bit disturbing about that phrase, "second wind in the bullpen," but I'll move on.)

The Percival signing leaves open the possibility that Les Tigres will trade Ugueth Urbina, who makes a reasonable $4 million in 2005. There were rumors, spread mostly by Peter Gammons, that the Giants wanted him at the trade deadline this summer but didn't want to part with top pitching prospect Matt Cain.

Who would you rather have closing: Ugie or Hermanson?


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