Theo and Terry: Two Regular Guys 

Ah, no wonder the hits finally started to plop, er, drop, for the Sox. Before you read on, please note that Metamucil is generally not used to settle the stomach.

From John Shea in today's Chronicle:

Before [Game 4 of the ALCS], Theo Epstein was hanging with manager Terry Francona when Francona gulped down a glass of Metamucil, a pregame ritual to settle his stomach. Epstein, desperate to try anything that could make a difference, bravely asked for a glass himself.

The Red Sox won that day. So Epstein drank another glass before Game 5, another victory. He did it again before Games 6 and 7. And before every game in the World Series.

"We're undefeated, but I paid the price," Epstein said. "That's the best part about the season being over. Returning to normalcy, where it counts."

Yes, Theo: Metamucil, a return to normalcy. Some of us call it regularity.

Sharp-eyed followers of my career will note that I have shamelessly used this joke before.


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