Got Ulcers? 

I do, after tonight's game. As they've done so often in the past few weeks, the Giants won tonight despite their Twin Towers, Bonds and Schmidt. Schmidt struggled through six innings and just didn't look right. That groin injury, or something else, must be bothering him more than the Giants are letting on.

Bonds was a big reason the Giants had 17 hits and only 7 runs, leaving runners on base in two straight at-bats. Osuna pitched him tough in the 5th with a series of nasty changeups and fastballs. Then Linebrink got him in the 7th, but Bonds inexplicably looked at two fastballs down the middle.

There was luck involved, too. A few mistakes could have made the difference: Tucker's botched sacrifice in the 3rd, and the crossed signal between A.J. and Brower in the 7th that resulted in a run-scoring passed ball. Most brutal was Schmidt walking Brian ".097" Lawrence with two outs in the 2nd, which allowed Payton to come up and drive home the first two runs of the game.

Big kudos to Ray Durham, who hit shots all night; and Jim Brower, who made great pitches to strike out Aurilia in the 7th, shook off the passed ball (Brower's fault, not A.J.'s) and got Hernandez to end the inning, then retired the side in the 8th.

Now where did I put that Maalox?

P.S. Thanks a lot, Shawn Fucking Chacon.


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