Bleak Week: Heads Must Roll 

The Giants have cooled off the past week thanks to bad defense, shaky relief pitching, and terrible production from the number-five slot. After climbing toward respectability, the DNB numbers have dropped precipitously.

* I have written this before: does Marquis Grissom think before he hits? His double play to kill the 5th inning yesterday was the dunderheadest thing I've ever seen. Bases loaded, one out, down by two. A pitcher having momentary control problems. The count 2 and 0, and Bonds is on deck. Doesn't it make sense to take until the pitcher throws a strike? Not for Grissom. Solution: trade him.

* Does Pedro Feliz have a little curl in the middle of his forehead? Because when he's good, he's pretty damn good, but when he's bad, he's horrid. I would love to be the fly on the wall when Sabean discusses him with other GMs. Do others see a lot of upside in Feliz? Does his trade value wax and wane according to his streakiness? If Sabean is trying to trade him, should he wait for another hot streak and hope it comes before July 31? Solution: trade him now.

* Felix Rodriguez has a mid-90s fastball that he now knows how to throw to both sides of the plate. Yet his K/9 (6.16) and K/BB (2/1) rates are nothing more than decent. Alou noted in yesterday's paper that Felix's fastball isn't "alive" and doesn't miss too many bats. Watching Dotel yesterday, who has a howling fastball but also has learned to throw a good off-speed pitch, made me wonder when the 32-year-old Felix will ever reach his potential. Why wait? Trade him.

* Matt Cain struck out 8 and allowed 1 earned run in 5 innings of work at AA Norwich Saturday. Merkin Valdez struck out 12 and allowed 1 earned run in 7 innings of work for single-A San Jose yesterday. These two are so hot right now, they could fetch a premium player down the stretch. The luxury of having two of them coming on strong means one's a keeper and one is trade bait. Pull the trigger, Sabes. Prime pitching prospects have a way of turning into disappointments. Trade one of them.


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