When Fresnovians Attack 

As we head into the meat of the schedule, there are so many factors that make us shake our head and wonder how the Giants are 1.5 games out of first. The non-Schmidt starters. The non-Bonds-Grissom-and-lately-Tucker hitters. The lack of Bonds protection. The ragged bullpen.

Add to that list the commuter jet that makes short hops between Fresno and S.F. Soul Plane, 'tis not! By and large, the baseball players disembarking from that gloomy bird have displayed an extreme lack of fo' shizzle. Other than this kid Durham who's gone 8 for 14 the past week with a triple and a homer -- word is he may be called up for tonight's game -- here are the collective stats of the call-ups (Messrs. Minor, Ransom, Torcato, Linden, Dallimore):

135 ABs
32 Hits
6 2Bs
1 HR
19 RBIs
21 BBs
31 Ks

Or, if you prefer...

.237 avg/.276 obp/.304 slg

which is shockingly similar to...

.232/.268/.305, a.k.a., Guess Who?

And the pitching call-ups? Other than Tyler Walker (take away his two ugly Coors Field outings and his ERA is 2.07), you really don't want to know.


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