Tomorrow night, the Giants will start another ten-game win streak with their secret anti-Unit weapon...Neifi Perez.

Lifetime, the Neifster is all over Randy Johnson: .310 avg/.310 obp/.655 slg. That's 9 for 29 with a double and three home runs. (Hmm, I wonder where he hit them?) Alfonzo and Durham have hit Johnson well, too, but not as well as, duh, Barry Bonds:

.316 avg/.447 obp/.632 slg

That's 12 for 38 with three doubles, three homers and a ridiculous 9-to-6 BB/K rate. (By comparison, Marquis Grissom has struck out 20 times in 43 ABs against the B.U., with no walks.)

Grissom seemed to injure himself diving for a liner in the middle of today's game. He stayed in, but given his horrible track record against Johnson, I wouldn't be surprised to see him sit tomorrow.

Let's see if I can guess Alou's lineup:

2b Perez
3b Alfonzo
cf Hammonds
lf Bonds
1b Feliz
rf Mohr
c Torrealba
ss Cruz
p Tomko


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