Jerome If You Want To... 

Jerome around the world. The budding star Jerome showed up tonight, followed by the Wayne Franklin whom Sabean told us a few months back was coming into his own, followed by a lucky Felix, a breath of fresh Eyre, and some bulldog Herges.

Sometimes the confused youngster Jerome shows up, or sneaks into the game when the Giants have a 7-2 lead. And that's normal. Hell, if I were out there at the age of 22, I'd have some serious soilage problems.

Tonight, though, with the chance to show those Dodger cabrones a thing or two about respect in our yard, Williams pitched a strong game. Ray-Ray cleared the bases, and it was vintage Pac Bell ball. Kudos to Tiny Minor, whose walk in a close game set up a rally for the second time this series. His walk against Mota after falling behind 0-2 in the 9th inning Monday night was the key to the winning rally, in my opinion. Weird. He's not hitting like a 6'7" bruiser, with only 2 extra base hits (both doubles) in 58 at-bats, but he's showing a keen eye at the plate (.405 OBP). I assume Tiny will be sent down or released when Snow comes off the DL, but given his patience at the plate, is it possible that the power is just around the corner?

And speaking of OBP, anyone notice that Dustan Mohr, despite a .228 average, is getting on base nearly 40 percent of the time? A few more doubles instead of singles, and he'd have an OPS approaching .800.


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