Glove, Rain O'er Me 

Funny how the Giants have gotten rained out on the last two road trips just when they've needed it most. In San Juan, they had just won three in a row, yes, but they were at the end of a hot, humid road trip, Barry's back was cranky and likely to keep him on the bench, and Jason Schmidt, whose turn in the rotation was up, had just thrown 144 pitches. The Caribbean deluge gave Schmidt a couple extra days rest and spared the Bonds-less Giants the embarrassment of being no-hit by Zach Day.

Tonight, they're coming off two horrific ass-dragging losses to the Devil Rays and Barry was doing his best Nancy Reagan impression. You know, 24 hours, two cross-country flights, one funeral.

(Speaking of which, what the hell is going on with all this Reagan ass-licking? The Soviet Union was going to collapse anyway, so all we're left with is "charm," jelly beans, and Iran-Contra. Oh, I forgot. He made it cool to shit on poor people and blame them for the mess.)

Unfortunately, the Giants will still have to start Noah Lowry on Sunday, when he should be in Fresno getting more...seasoning! Work with me, folks.


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