DNB Update 

Last night's 11-2 loss to Colorado was perhaps the nadir of the Giants' 5-hole experiment. Bonds got on base four times in front of Pedro Feliz, three via intentional or semi-intentional walks. All four times Feliz made the last out of the inning. For good measure, Pe-Fe also made the last out of the game with Dustan Mohr and Michael Tucker on base.

So, our Ducks Named Bonds numbers (the stats of the batter who hits right after Bonds reaches base in any fashion, except a home run) are down to .255 /.298 /.316, for a .614 OPS in 110 plate appearances. Extrapolate that to a full season, and it would be the 7th worst OPS in the major leagues.

Think about that: when Bonds gets on base, the batter immediately following (mostly Pedro Feliz) is roughly the 7th worst hitter in the majors. Unadjusted OPS is a rough guide, of course, but I think we all get the picture.

Would the Giants willingly go out and hire, say, Pokey Reese (.627 OPS) or Randy Winn (.629 OPS) to hit behind Barry? Because that's what they're doing playing Feliz behind Bonds day after day.

(In case you were wondering: as of today, the ML leader in worst OPS is Neifi Perez, lapping the field at .563).

The good news, if you can call it that, is Felipe Alou acknowledged today that he needs to try someone else behind Bonds. The bad news is the Giants don't have anyone remotely qualified.


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