Coors to Be Kind? 

You know, I started to write the sentence, "Not if past history is any indication." Then I decided to check said past history. The last five years, the Giants are 17-24 at Coors. That's not good, but I expected worse, to be honest. And most of that badness comes from one year, 2000, when they went 1-6 a mile high. (For the record: last year they went 3-6. In 2002, they went an incredible 6-4 at Coors, with a 4-game sweep in August. In 2001, 4-5. In 2000, 1-6. In 1999, 3-3.)

Even if the Giants sweep the season series at Coors this year, I will always and forever maintain the place should be dismantled and buried inside Yucca Mountain.

However, there is a glimmer of hope. The Rockies have in fact given up more runs than they've scored this year at Coors and are a game under .500 there.

But the Giants have set themselves up like chumps. They did exactly what they should not have, rolling into Coors with a three-game losing streak and two games in a row with lots of bullpen work. It's not a good time for the relievers to hit a slump. Suck it up, boys, and hope Neifi has an acid flashback to his glory days.


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