Adios, Hambone 

Jeffrey Hammonds has received his walking papers, and Todd Linden has been called up from Fresno to be the fifth outfielder.

Brian Sabean hinted in Chicago just before the Giants began their win streak that veterans on the roster should watch their backs. Funny how he cut Hammonds, who was making a million and despite a low batting average (.210) getting on base a decent amount, instead of Dustan Mohr, who's making close to the major-league minimum and hitting .145.

As I noted earlier, Linden has posted an empty .286 average at Fresno. Empty because he's not hitting for much power: only 13 extra base hits in 199 at-bats, and this in a vaunted hitter's league (four words for you: Brian Dallimore, batting champ). Sure, Linden might turn on the power in the bigs--last year he hit one of the longest home runs ever at Dodger Stadium--but instead of playing every day and working on his game, he'll be pinch-hitting and getting an occasional spot start against lefties. It's not a great environment for potential talent to blossom.


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