Accentuate the Positron 

OK, OK, just to prove that I am not always a curmudgeon, here are some things I like about the Giants:

- Felipe Alou's moustache
- Barry Bonds's lack of moustache
- Matt Herges's two-seam fastball
- Damon Minor getting a second chance
- Jason Schmidt, one of the best pitchers in the game and only using two pitches
- Felix Rodriguez throwing a decent slider and pitching inside
- Yorvit Torrealba's defense
- Kirk Rueter's ears
- One Flap Down
- Dustin Hermanson's splitter
- The chalk all over Marquis Grissom's bare hands when he hits

I also just received an e-mail that El Lefty Malo is part of the World Series of Baseball Blogs. El Lefty Malo has voted for himself, como no, and encourages you to do so, too.


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