Wild Gift 

Five in a row, 3.5 games back, two out of two against a floundering team. The big comeback is going exactly as I expected.

OK, if indeed the ship is turning around, I deserve to drown after jumping overboard in the wake of the Pirates' series. Arrggggh. I'll state publicly that I hope the ship is turning, and in fact, if it is, I always knew it would.

Thanks to the A-to-tha-B, a.k.a. Benito's Widow, I was at Le Stade Gigantesque Tuesday night to watch Jason Schmidt throw peas and Alfonzo golf curveballs into the foul pole screen. I listened intently tonight as the Giants tried to botch one with bad defense and a crap sac bunt by Alfonzo in the eighth, but the D-Backs' bullpen was not to be denied. Three walks and an 0-2 mistake to a guy, Feliz, who would swing at the shadow of a passing pigeon if it came within two feet of the plate. Muchas gracias, Jose Valverde. [Here's what Bob Brenly said after the game: "Terrible pitch. Feliz has walked twice this year. Two times! You've got four pitches; he would've swung at any of them. So he gets a slider right down the middle of the plate."]

Feliz may feast on bad pitchers or bad pitches, but when the pennant race is in full swing, he'll see fewer of either. So let's not get too excited and make naked body pyramids just yet, OK?

No matter how many 6 1/3-inning, 3-run outings Kirk Rueter gives us; no matter how many singles A.J. Pierzynski bloops over the head of the third baseman; no matter how many "stretching gurus" Barry Bonds is allowed to hide under his Barcalounger, this team is going to need reinforcements.

The current squad -- well, the combined force of everyone on the DL and everyone who's now or has recently been in the minor leagues -- just ain't going to cut it. I watched Brian Daubauch from 1999 to 2002, and let me tell you, Damon Minor, you are no Brian Daubach.


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