The "R" Word (Grim Doggerel) 

R is for Ray, as in Durham on DL,
It's also for Runners the Giants leave on. Woe,
R is for Rags, who's got little to work with,
And Rumsfeld, who's having a better year than Tomko.

R also stands for a word I'd not rather
Mention when I speak of the Giants at play.
But with this team Sabes has gathered
I'm afraid it's a given: get ready to say

"Rebuilding": That's the Giants' big word this gray morn'.
Get ready to purge, Ned Coletti, my friend.
Call Hendry, ring Theo, get Beane on the horn.
For prospects and cash, just say "Yes" and hit "send."

Pennies per dollar for light-hitting shortstops,
We'll eat partial salaries of Fonzie and A.J.,
Just haul them away, no need to delay,
Might as well rate the Giants (save Bonds) A-A-A.


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