Not So Feliz 

A microcosm of the Giants season took place tonight and cost the Giants the game. Top of the 11th, the Mets walk Barry Bonds intentionally to load the bases with two outs.

Up comes Pedro Feliz, and in comes David Weathers, the ugliest man in baseball ever since Willie McGee retired. Weathers proceeds to throw balls one and two nowhere near the strike zone. What does Feliz do? He swings and misses at the next pitch, a fastball about shoulder high. That would have been ball three. Weathers then bounces a pitch in the dirt as if to say, OK, maybe you'll swing at this one, too. Feliz took it for ball three.

Next pitch, a fastball up and away, almost certainly ball four, and Feliz swings and fouls it back. Full count. At this point Jon Miller on the TV side has shown exasperation at Feliz's antics, while Krukow, no doubt with one eye on renewing his contract or somesuch, weakly defends Feliz with some crap like, "Well, he was looking fastball and he got the fastball he was looking for and put a good swing on it. He didn't get cheated." Then, just as the script of this miserable season called for, Weathers snaps off a slider, his only strike of the sequence, and Feliz takes it. End of inning.

Feliz showed absolutely no patience and no batting eye when a pitcher was practically begging to walk in the go-ahead run.

Tonight's silver lining: Jason Schmidt, who pitched a great game except for that one hanging changeup to Karim Garcia. But Schmidt is back, a very very good sign for the G's. Now let's cross our fingers and hope Woody gets his act together starting tomorrow night.


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