Moises Parts the Waters, Part 2 

It's a story that refuses to be flushed from our collective consciousness. As much as Moises Alou complains, it's not going to be water under the bridge. Maybe he should just go with the flow.

I'm referring to the report that Alou, who hits without batting gloves, pisses on his hands to toughen them up.

The latest wire story says Moises is tired of talking about it and that the writer, ESPN's Gary Miller, was allegedly told about it off the record.

Dusty Baker finally chimed in with what I assume was a completely unintentional double entendre:

"That's not anybody's business, really," Cubs manager Dusty Baker said before Wednesday's 2-0 loss to Arizona. But Baker acknowledged that Alou will have to live with some ribbing for a while.

"I know guys don't want to shake his hand now," Baker added. "Everybody just gives him the fist."

Whoa there! Now that's something that should be off the record.


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