Hang Your Head, Joe Borowski 

Neifi Perez just hit a two-run homer off Joe Borowski to put the Giants ahead in the top of the 10th. We will look back on this moment and say, "In 2004, at least for one measly half-inning, God was a Giants fan."

* A couple Neifi notes:

- With one swing of the bat, he raised his slugging pct. from .263 to .284!

- It was his first left-handed homerun in more than 500 at-bats, according to the Giants' PR guy.

- He has tied his home run total from 2003.

- He said in an interview after the game that he'd been "struggling for a couple weeks" at the plate. I haven't cleaned my ears lately, so it's possible Neifi said "for several years" and I simply misheard.


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