Gammons Rumors 

from his latest ESPN column:

The Giants have floated out feelers on a number of players like Edgardo Alfonzo and Neifi Perez, but with Jason Schmidt now back and their hope for the return of a healthy Robb Nen, they haven't waved the white flag just yet. A week ago, Nen threw so well in a rehab stint they thought his return was imminent. Then Nen suffered from stiffness in his surgically-repaired right shoulder. The Giants are now hoping for Nen to return sometime before the All-Star break.

Floated feelers on Perez and Alfonzo? No one in his right mind would trade for those guys without insisting the Giants swallow nearly all their salaries, like they had to do with Livan Hernandez. And that's about as likely as Barry Bonds inviting the Giants beat reporters over for a backyard barbecue.

Unless...well, everyone expects the Yankees to swap for a second baseman and/or a center fielder by the trade deadline. If Durham comes back strong and Feliz shows he can mash on a regular basis, perhaps Fonzie could go back to his beloved NYC. But it's hard to see how the Giants would beneift either short- or long-term.

Short-term, to make any kind of run this year, they need another starting pitcher and a big bat. No one on the NY major-league roster is expendable enough for the Yanks or cheap enough for the Giants. The Giants probably couldn't afford to take on a Yankees' middle reliever, let alone the salary of Sheff or Contreras or someone who would plug a major hole.

Long-term, the only prospect I've heard mentioned as a potential blue-chipper is the Double-A catcher Dioner Navarro, and catcher isn't where the Giants have the biggest holes to fill.

As for Neifi, maybe Sabean should give Bill Bavasi a call. Just tell Bill that Neifi's a lot like Quentin McCracken and Willie Bloomquist: guys who have good speed and know how to play the game and can really play a valuable role off the bench or making a spot start here and there. You know, team guys. Plan B: Is Syd Thrift still alive?


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