A Few Good Signs 

As Elbo notes below, we'll have to wait and see about how Schmidt bounces back from his 144-pitch performance tonight. But tonight's game featured Pedro Feliz, starting shortstop, which was a welcome sight, and even better he was hitting seventh where he can work on curing his hackatosis without the pressure of being Behind Barry. Even even better were his two hits, one a double to right, one a single up the middle, which show that he's not trying to pull everything.

Smart move, Felipe.

I also liked Tucker hitting 8th.

Also a good sign was Alfonzo hitting the ball hard twice, once for a single, once for a line-drive double play that unfortunately will be reflected in the updated DNB numbers.

I venture that with Alfonzo heating up (although still showing no power), the Giants lineup will look more and more like this:

Durham 2b
Snow 1b (Hammonds RF vs LHP)
Grissom CF
Bonds LF
Alfonzo 3b
Pierzynski C
Feliz ss (1b vs LHP)
Tucker RF (Cruz SS vs LHP)

Neifi will be relegated to late-inning defensive replacement and spot start when an egregious ground-ball pitcher, ie, Rueter, takes the mound.


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