Elbo: Schmidt saves himself 

I'm thrilled that Jason Schmidt threw a masterpiece tonight, really, I am. But don't you find it worrisome that someone who just had surgery to remove scar tissue from his elbow would be permitted to throw 144 pitches in a game? Is it a comment on the sad state of the Giants' bullpen that no one -- no, not Scott Eyre, who was warming up, let alone Herges and his ballooning ERA -- could be counted on to close this one out? Didn't they have the day off yesterday? I know the bullpen needs relief itself, but I still think it's sad that Schmidt has to get his own saves these days.

None of this takes anything away from his masterful performance. But if I hear the words "disabled list" in his future, I'll surely think of this game.

Incidentally, his game score was 97, good enough to surpass Ben Sheets' 18-strikeout effort as the best-pitched game of the year... except that Randy Johnson scored a 100 earlier tonight in his perfect game against the Richmond -- er, Atlanta Braves.


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