Elbo: Connecting the dots 

A few disjointed observations on tonight's game:

*The Diamondbacks just lost Richie Sexson, probably for the season, due to a torn labrum. Did you hear how he got it? Check swing. Strong man, that Richie Sexson.

*Pedro Feliz just lowered his K/BB ratio from 32.0 to 16.0. I'll leave it to you mathematicians to figure out how he did it.

*Neifi Perez hit in the leadoff spot tonight, and it actually paid off.

*Still, I'll miss Ray Durham for the next few weeks. Not sure if I'll miss J.T. Snow.

*Damon Minor is back! With a 1.086 OPS at Fresno under his hat, no less. It's almost like he never hit .234 for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons last year. By the way, he's 30 (not 29, as some sources say), and he hasn't hit better than .240 in a significant number of at-bats since he was 26, in triple-A.

*Just a few minutes after Greg Papa and the incomprehensible Frank Viola chatted about Jeffrey Maier's assist on Derek Jeter's home run ball in the 1996 ALCS over on ESPN2, some guy in the PacBell bleachers assured Barry Bonds of his 669th homer, even though it may not have cleared the wall without his help. Upon further review, Kuiper said it was gone, Krukow wasn't so sure.

*Guess I was just paranoid about Schmidt's pitch count last time... I hope so anyway, in the long run.


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