DNB Disaster 

Yesterday's 4-3 loss to the Phils was a particularly bad DNB day, perhaps the worst of the year.

To review: DNB stands for "Ducks Named Bonds" and refers to the stats of the hitter who comes up right after Bonds gets on base via single, double, triple, walk or fielder error. (I know, errors don't contribute to Bonds' on-base percentage, but he's on base nonetheless.) This is a different measure than what's usually cited in the press, ie, the Giants' average after a Bonds' intentional walk, or the overall average of the #5 hitter. It's strictly about what happens when Bonds gets himself on base (not including home runs).

Yesterday, Bonds was on base four times with a single and three walks. Immediately following, Pedro Feliz went 0 for 4 and only scratched out an RBI in his last at-bat because he made such poor contact. A harder hit ball would have become a game-ending double play.

Other than his at-bat leading off the 4th, Feliz came up four times with 10 men on base, seven of them in scoring position. Only one scored.


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