Demolition Derby 

Two months into the season, and I'd say we can sum up the proceedings with one word: injuries.

It's been an epidemic so far for several teams. The Giants have had Durham, Schmidt, Hermanson, Nen, Eyre, Hammonds, and most likely Snow and Durham again on the DL.

The Cubs are on pace to top their club record for players placed on the DL, with their two big pitchers missing significant time as well as key position players. (Gezhundheit, Sammy.)

The Angels have been decimated but keep plugging along.

The Braves have been hit hard: Furcal, Giles, Chipper Jones, Marrero and Paul Byrd.

The Yankees are looking old, with Sheffield's injured thumb sapping his power and Giambi and Bernie Williams falling apart before our eyes.

The Twins have lost Joe Mauer, Cory Koskie, Matt LeCroy, Torii Hunter and Shannon Stewart to DL time.

After trading half their team for him, Arizona might lose Richie Sexson for the season.

For the Reds, Ken Griffey, Jr. has...whoa!...been perfectly healthy. (But Austin Kearns hasn't.)

Once again, Larry Walker is nowhere to be found in Colorado, and the Rockies suffered a huge blow when Preston Wilson went down perhaps for the year in April.

The Expos haven't had Nick Johnson all year or Carl Everett for most of the year.

The Mets: Jose Reyes and his Mysterious Hamstrings, and Cliff Floyd of the Fragile Aura.

Is this unusual? Could it be more thana coincidence that the year steroid testing goes into effect, players are having more trouble recuperating from injuries?

Any thoughts?


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