Blue Skies Turn Gray 

So much for the big mo' of last weekend. Two games at the soulless hellhole of Shea Stadium against a Giants-like team (instead of J.T. Snow batting second, it's Todd Zeile; instead of Jeffrey Hammonds hitting cleanup, it's Karim Garcia), and the turnaround has been turned around.

Even the Weather Channel is conspiring against the orange-and-black. Jerome Williams was, well, not exactly rolling, but pitching a tidy little game when the skies opened up, a hand came down from the clouds to snatch the ball from J-Will and hand it, after a long delay and a cruel, booming Ha-Ha-Ha!, to the overworked bullpen.

Good night, ladies.

Reports have it that Alou and Sabean had una poquita cabeza-a-cabeza yesterday to talk about the Iraqi prisoner torture scandal and the odd resemblance of the Giants lineup to the landscape at The La Brea Tar Pits (a.k.a. The The Tar Tar Pits), where mighty mastodons and wily sabertooted cats got bogged down in the offensive goo that geologists sometimes refer to as "Neifitus Tuckerii Alfonzyme."

On the bright side, the previously unheralded Pat Mitsch pitched a complete game 4-hitter for the Norwich Navigators yesterday. I predict that late in October, Fox Sports cameras will be zooming in on the tear-streaked faces of the Mitsch family as they watch their son pitch against the Yankees. However, Mitsch will be wearing a Minnesota Twins uniform, having been traded in June with Jerome Williams for Luis Rivas and A.J. Pierzynski's psychologist.

I ask you: where can a Giants' fan find solace? Feel free to comment on what you think are the silver linings to this otherwise leaden season. Pollyannas wanted: Sun bonnets and lollipops provided at no extra charge.


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