The Panic Button 

I just turned on the game to hear Pedro Feliz hit into a -- surprise! -- double play with one out and the bases loaded in the bottom of the first.

Then I turn on my computer to find out that Ray Durham is on the 15-day disabled list, Robb Nen is on the 60-day DL and tonight's leadoff hitter is Michael Tucker. Other than Felipe Alou deciding that Neifi would make a better leadoff option, how could things get worse?

Well, I know the answer, but I won't say it for superstitious fear of making it come true.

Here's the big question: is it time to push the panic button?

The 2001 A's started the year 7-18. They won 102 games.
The 2002 A's started the year 19-25. They won 103 games.
The 2002 Angels started the year 6-13. They won the World Series.
The 2003 Marlins started the year 18-29. They won the World Series.

The Giants' 8-13 record is better than any of those starts.

I'm sure there are plenty of 8-13 starts that have ended in crap, too, but the point is, other teams have looked far worse for far longer into the season and turned it around. But with no prospect of Nen and no Miguel Cabrera-like prospect lurking in the minors to come save the day, the problem is that, as my phriend the long-suphering Phils phan said today, "the raw materials are lacking."

*Hey, wait a second: Neifi just drove in two with an opposite-field single...batting left handed! Maybe things are turning around...*

OK, we're back. Another problem is that this team has so many holes, one big trade isn't going to be enough. The Giants need bullpen help. They need another horse in the starting rotation. Even if A.J. and Alfonzo and Tucker turn on the afterburners, they'll still need another bat.

*Hey, J.T. Snow just drove in two more, and the Giants have scored 5 in the inning off Russ Ortiz...maybe things really aren't that bad!*


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