First J.T., Now Neifi?

Buried in today's reports on the Giants' 7-5 victory over the Astros last night, in which the offensive hero was Neifi Perez (4 for 4, 2 doubles, 4 RBI), was the tidbit that the Giants have talked to Perez about hitting from the right side exclusively. Seems the book on him is that he's much better from the right side. Let's have a look:

Career splits:

vs RHP (2757 ABs): 302/368/670.

vs LHP (1060 ABs): 301/428/729.

(And remember, if you park-adjust these numbers -- ie, factored in all the games played at Coors Field and hitter-friendly Kaufmann Stadium-- they'd look a lot worse. I'm running out of the house right now and don't have time to do it.)

A pretty decent SLG from the right side makes him somewhat better, yes. But would this be countered by him hitting rightie against right-handed pitchers? No way to tell until he actually does it.

No matter how bad he is with the bat this year, we'll at least be able to say, "Yes, but he singlehandedly beat the Astros and Andy Pettitte on April 6."


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