Elbo: Policing the lineups 

*That was pretty sneaky of Felipe to put Edgardo Alfonzo (BA .200) in the two-hole last night. It wasn't sneaky at all for Alfonzo to go 1-for-6, though.

*Jeffrey Hammonds batted sixth and walked three times. Behind him were D.P. Pierzynski, Neifi and the pitcher's spot. Pierzynski had one useful at-bat, producing the grounder that went off two Dodger gloves before settling in shallow left field. Neifi didn't come through at all. The 7-8-9 spots now look so weak that the Giants appear to be prepared to give away whole innings, not just at-bats.

*Barry stole his first base since #500, which came last June 23 in that great game against the Dodgers. (Honestly, I thought he'd never steal another.) Eric Gagne took the loss that night, although he still hasn't blown a save since time immemorial. In fact, Barry appears to be the only player who can beat Gagne all by himself, unless you count Hank Blalock. (By the way, Barry has made only three outs in six games over the past week.)

*Speaking of outs, Dustan Mohr is down to .067. He's just been passed by Terrmel Sledge in the race for worst hitter in the National League. (For some reason, Frank Robinson put Sledge in the seventh spot, ahead of catcher Brian Schneider, who leads the team in home runs with two.)

*Are we worried about Herges yet?


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