Ducks Named Bonds 

Viewers advisory: the following post is not suitable for small children and season ticket holders.

Going into tonight's game, Barry Bonds has walked 36 times and hit safely 15 times (not including home runs). In other words, he's been on base 51 times for the #5 hitter's pleasure. Fifty one ducks named Bonds on the pond.

Here's how his teammates have fared immediately following a Bonds walk (intentional or not--really, what's the difference?), single or double:

*51 plate appearances
*11 hits (all singles)
*10 double plays
*7 RBI
*2 BBs
(I didn't count strikeouts.)

That comes out to (for sadomasochistic purposes I'm going to put this in boldface type)....


In case you want to know:

After a Bonds walk: 8-34, 7 DP, 5 RBI, 2 BB
After a Bonds non-HR hit: 3-15, 3 DP, 2 RBI

No wonder Barry said the other day, "I'd walk me, too."

*UPDATE: The Giants' DNB (Ducks Named Bonds) numbers improved a bit in last night's melee. Throughout the season I'll keep a running total in the right-hand column.


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