The Beard of Fenway 

Much has been blathered about Johnny Damon's new 'do, which has upped his drag coefficient so much he can no longer steal second base. But the new look has also reinvigorated El Lefty Malo's hackneyed love for "Separated at Birth" comparisons, which due to lack of third-party enthusiasm I eliminated from the site over the winter. (I still contend that Vlad and Jimmy Cliff have never been seen sitting in limbo together.)

You think you know what's coming. Passion of the Johnny, Damon of the Christ, blah blah blah. The easy way out is to compare Damon to Jim Caveziel and leave it at that (especially if you can meld Damon's current image with how he looked after suffering for the sins of Red Sox Nation last October).

But as Morse-san points out, there's a far more intriguing cinematic muse for Damon's hirsute pursuit.


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