Bad Idea 

The Giants just lost today to the Marlins, and you can blame either a bad scouting report or the inability to follow a good one. The Giants had just tied the game 3-3 in the bottom of the 8th by loading the bases with no outs and scoring exactly one run on a -- surprise! -- Pedro Feliz double play grounder. This is known as snatching a tie from the jaws of victory.

Felix Rodriguez came in to pitch the top of the ninth. He fell behind Miguel Cabrera 3 and 1, then jammed him with a fastball and Cabrera popped to left. Good pitch. That's the way to come inside, Felix.

The next batter was Mike Lowell, and Felix again fell behind in the count. Jon Miller was on the radio broadcast and immediately noted that although Felix had made a good pitch to come in and jam Cabrera, Lowell was an excellent inside fastball hitter. Miller then noted that Pierzynski was indeed setting up inside. At that moment, I froze in the middle of my mid-afternoon snack-making and said, "Oh, no."

When Lowell deposited the pitch in the left-field bleachers, Miller somehow refrained from ripping off his headset and screaming, "I told you so!"


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