The Giants today signed three players to minor-league contracts: Dave Veres, Deivi Cruz and Mike Crudale. Cruz started in the Giants organization but never played for the big-league team. He gets on base less frequently than Neifi Perez but hits more home runs. We can only pray that he is put behind glass with a signed taped above that reads "Use Only in Emergency."

Veres and Crudale are good pickups, in my estimation. I've already written about Veres (since my permalinks don't work, do a search for Bullpen Plug or 3.26.04). Looking at Crudale's stats, I wonder why the Cardinals let him go. He only appeared in 22 games last year, so I assume there's an injury in there somewhere. But a 2.09 career ERA, an OPS-against of .617, and only 4 HRs allowed in 73 IP...sounds like a good guy to take a flyer on.

Checking out the Giants official site, there's a blurb posted about the Cruz and Veres signings, but nothing about Crudale. [[Editor's note: They've updated the piece with news on Crudale. Never mind.]]


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