Quote of the Day

El Lefty is back from La Manzana Grande, where people ride their bicycles in 20-degree weather with Mike Piazza bobbleheads strapped to the front basket. I saw it. I also saw a guy with Albert Einstein hair walking past the Gray's Papaya on 6th Avenue with a Discman in his hand and headphones in his ears. He was singing "Can you hear me, Doctor Wu?" at the top of his lungs. Fucking fabulous.

I also saw Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth play guitar to accompany a piece he wrote for a robot built by these guys, under the rapt gaze of dozens of people in a downtown art gallery. Such is the way of El Lefty Malo.

What I did not see was any Giants news for the week, as I was busy busy busy. I was throwing the ball around today at Balboa Park with a teammate and asked after the Giants. He said not much happened, except, oh, Jeffrey Hammonds broke his thumb. Or, more accurately, someone broke his thumb for him. Hammonds? Injured? C'mon, quit it. Get outta here. You sir, as they say in the environs where I just spent the better part of a week, are shitting me.

No, it's true. I really hope Michael Tucker hits 20 home runs this year, plays excellent defense and in September, comes over to my seat in the 1-3-8 and says, "Now what you gonna say, bitch?" I would gladly eat that crow. Mmm, crow. Yum yum. I will personally find in mint condition a vinyl copy of Red Rider's Lunatic Fringe and present it to Brian Sabean.

That brings us to this week's quote of the day, from Armando "Mando" Rios:

"Barry's not the only one who brought people in. He had his trainers, but you don't question him. You just want him to go out and do his job. He earned that right. It's, like, if you win the Nobel Prize, you can come to the office late. Or if you sell 10 cars and everyone else sells two cars, it's OK to take the Ferrari home for a night."

Dude, I gotta win me one of the them Nobel Prizes so I don't have to get up so early anymore.


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