Pitching In

Thanks to the Web site Fundrace.org, we can search zip codes to see who's contributed campaign funds to which presidential candidate. We can even type in individual names, such as...

* Peter Magowan: Owner, SF Giants, $2,000 to George W. Bush.

* George Steinbrenner: Owner, New York Yankers (yes, that's how it's misspelled on the site), $2,000 to Bob Graham. Kinda like signing Drew Henson, eh, George?

* Frank McCourt, president of the McCourt Co., gave $2,000 to fellow Massachussetsian John Kerry. (As did his VP and general counsel Jamie McCourt.)

* Laurence Baer, listed twice as executive/vice president and CEO of the Giants (and who lives at a very swanky address in Sea Cliff), donated twice: $2,000 to Joe Lieberman and $250 to Bob Graham.

* Robert Neyer of Portland, listed as a writer in the Disney Internet Group, donated three times, to Kucinich, Edwards and Dean. Liberal media alert!

* For the record, El Lefty Malo isn't listed. But he's recently pledged to tithe 10 percent of every paycheck between now and Oct 15 to John Kerry.

* Sorry, Barry Bonds isn't listed.


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