Miller Gets Cheeky

I was listening to the Giants game today on the drive home down highway 80 from Benecia, where the BAMSBL Royals (not my team) beat the BAMSBL White Sox (my team) 4 to 2.

(By the way, my co-conspirator Elbo also played today: his BAMSBL Zephyrs ended even with the BAMSBL 38+ Yankees at 15 to 15. Yes, this is baseball, not softball. Elbo will hopefully fill us in on this wild and wooly game.)

Back to the radio:

The Giants sounded anemic against Jarrod Washburn and a couple of Angels relievers; Felix Rodriguez pitched in the way he does that makes me tear my hair out--2 quick strikes on each batter, then nibble, nibble, nibble, full count, couple of foul balls, more foul balls -- at which point I'm yelling, "For Christ sake, don't you throw 95 miles an hour?? Throw the two-seamer! Throw the knuckler! YOU'RE KILLING ME" -- and then Jarrod Washburn, whom Scioscia has decided to leave in so he can throw more than 100 pitches in a Catcus League game (brilliant), grounds a single up the middle on the 13th pitch of the at-bat.

Hey, it's spring training. Felix is just working on some minute mechanical adjustments, right? Just building up arm strength.

At one point in the broadcast, Jon Miller and Dave Fleming -- your... Giants... broadcasters -- were saying something or another about the home opener at -- and here, Miller verbally rolled his eyes, if you know what I mean -- SBC Park, when Fleming said, in that I-sound-older-than-I-look voice of his, "I heard they've got some great new food at the SBC Park," and Miller replied, "Hopefully it's better than the new name."

If KNBR radio honchos listen to their own station on warm Sunday afternoons, then honchos would have some seriously clenched butt cheeks right about that moment. Kapow! Miller went on to say how "the folks back in the Bay Area" aren't taking much liking to the new name so far. KNBR is a minority investor in the Giants; it'll be interesting to see how many darts Miller will be able to throw during the regular season at the new name before the honchos crack down.

Which brings me to an idea that I encourage everyone to pass along to their readers, and to their readers, and so on...

Everyone who goes to a Giants home game should at least once during the game start the chant, "Pac Bell Park! Pac Bell Park!" It will do no good whatsoever other than give you a subversive thrill when the entire section, lo, perhaps the entire stadium, rocks to this retro-corporate mantra. C'mon, give it a shot.

I'll be there twice the opening week: Wed. the 14th and Sat. the 17th. Let's try it! (If you're there and want to say hi, I'm in sec. 138, row 3, seat 3 or 4.)

This is separate from what I believe should be a grass-roots movement to have the park rechristened "Mays Field" (or in the spirit of compromise, "SBC Park at Mays Field"). I have a friend who really wants to start such a movement but doesn't have any money to print fliers and stickers. If anyone wants to contribute to the "Mays Field Sticker Fund," let me know and I'll put you in touch.


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