Elbo: Yanks after Durham?

Steve Goldman, one of the best baseball writers in America, says of the Yankees' motley crew of second basemen (Enrique Wilson, Miguel Cairo, et al):

Postpone the inevitable trade for something better. That being said, if any of this collection of not-quite utilitarian utility players can play a plus second base (in this case defined as "better than Soriano"), they could go a long way towards improving the team. Even in the best case scenario, the Yankees will likely be trading for Ray Durham in June.

Now that's one I hadn't heard yet. I guess if Alfonzo was a trade candidate before the A-Rod-for-Soriano deal, surely Durham isn't untouchable. But if the Giants are in the running for the NL West, which we all expect them to be, I can't imagine they'd be willing to pull the trigger on a deal like this.


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