"Coming into his Own"

That's how Brian Sabean describes Wayne Franklin, the latest member of the San Francisco Giants. Yes, just minutes ago Sabes traded two minor league pitchers, Carlos Villanueva and Glenn Woolard, for Franklin and fellow Brewer moundsman Leo Estrella. Franklin is the butt of a recurring joke between El Lefty Malo and his partner in crime, Elbo, which goes something like this: "Ah, what a glorious day for baseball. Whenever I hear the name Wayne Franklin, I think 'instant offense.'" This adage, unfortunately, was minted on a day when Franklin was scheduled to pitch for the Brewers against the Giants.

According to this story, Franklin gave up the most home runs in the majors last year. And Brett Tomko was a close second. No problem, says Sabean: "The kid is still coming into his own." The kid is 30, Brian. And his own what, exactly? Is his favorite novel Portnoy's Complaint? Is he a guy who when he says, "Hey there, friend, hold my glove," or "Hold my hat for a minute while I rinse off," you say, "Uh, no, that's OK, Wayne, I gotta go."

What's next? We find out that Franklin has $5.3 million remaining on his contract over the next two years? No, probably not, given he earned the ML minimum last year.

Oh me oh my. Hey, did Greg Maddux end up signing anywhere? Is he still available? I heard he's pretty good.


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