Lineup Takes Shape

Felipe Alou said at a meet-n-greet luncheon yesterday that he would bat Barry Bonds third this year, a slot he hasn't occupied since Dusty Baker flip-flopped him and Jeff Kent in mid-2002.

According to the Merc and the Chron, Alou also said Alfonzo would hit cleanup; his second-half and playoff performance last year shows that he's shaken off the early pressure of moving to SF. I hope Alou's right.

Alou mentioned that Snow would slot into the 2-hole--I assume that means only against RH pitchers -- and that Neifi Perez would bat 8th.

So here's where we stand vs righties:
1) durham
2) snow
3) bonds
4) alfonzo
5 - 7): grissom, tuckohrham, pierzynski, in some order
8) perez

and vs lefties?
durham, bonds and alfonzo will remain in the same places. feliz will be at first base and NOT a good candidate to hit second. that means Grissom, Hammonds or Pierzynski would slot in there. Given AJ's high OBP and left-handedness, he seems the best candidate. Then Hammonds/Grissom/Feliz slotted 5 to 7...

Mulling this over, it seems to me that a healthy Hammonds could be the key to the Giants season. If he puts up 20-25 HR/.350 OBP, he'll be a huge help. Given he's about to turn 33 and that even in his best seasonm, he only managed 20 HRs playing half his games in Coors Field (.920 OPS in 454 total ABs), it's not statistically likely.

But these are the hopes and dreams when one is a Giants fan in Feb. 2004.


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