Dame El Agua de Melao, Meat!

A couple blog shout-outs:

* I just got my first taste of Fogball, a Giants-biased site that goes into excruciating (and I mean that in the best possible way, baby) detail on Neifi Perez's defensive value. Others have raised the question whether Neifi's defense is so damn good it'll make up for his offensive weakness. The Fogballers get closer to an answer than I've seen before.

I also found the following link on their site, which was like a 5-year-old finding a stash of candy... Damas y caballeros: Presentamos El Diccionario Oficial Del Lefty Malo.

* One of my favorite blogs is Ball Talk, run by a Cubs fan named Alex (an excellent and right honorable name, I might add). I only have permalinks to baseball bloggers who publish regularly and (for the most part) with high-grade shit. Ball Talk is one of them. Check out his recent entry about the sketches of his favorite ballplayers he made as a kid. Great stuff. As was his 1.27.04 entry listing baseball's top 10 gay icons.


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