Voodoo Roster, Slight Return

Thanks to a note from Steve Shelby of Giants News Diary, I've tweaked my 2004 potential Opening Day roster. With the signing of Tomko, it's unlikely the Giants will keep Correia. So he's off the speculative 25-man roster, and in his place for now is Cody Ransom. Because you can never have too many all-glove no-hit shortstops, can you? So that makes 12 pitchers and 13 position players. Seven relief pitchers is a bit much, but if Schmidt's on a short leash to start the year and/or if Nen can't work more than two or three times a week, the Giants might keep seven out of the gate. Otherwise, they'll add another bench player. Maybe Alberto Castillo as a third catcher, which would fre Alou to use Torrealba as a pinch-hitter? More likely, they'll add a seventh infielder or sixth outfielder.


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