Tomko, Revisited

Having missed Sunday's reports, I just now found out that $1 million of Tomko's 2004 salary will be paid in 2006, according to the Contra Costa Times. Spending $500K on a durable but mediocre veteran (who has a modest chance to have a break-out year) is a great idea.

But the larger point is that, although Sabean has collected a lot of so-called bargains who *might* have good years, the roster is a house of cards that will tumble if Bonds or Schmidt or Nen misses time or is less than healthy at any time during the year. There is no big #2 starter to step up; there is no big bat behind Bonds; Herges *might* be a good fill-in closer, a la Worrell, but that move would necessitate more bullpen shuffles.


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