Rocket Don't Lose That Number

Thanks to the Laz for the tip on this Slate article and for the headline. The piece is a quick look at sports uniform numbers through the years. Barry Bonds first wore 24 with the Pirates to honor Willie Mays; he switched to 25 when he joined the Giants to honor his father.

Other funny uni numbers the piece doesn't mention: Barry Zito's 75 (anyone know the origin of that?), Turk Wendell's 99 (Turk's contracts all end with $99.99, too, as in $2,999,999.99 instead of $3 million). I also remember when Orel Hershiser joined the Giants for one unfateful year, punk-ass Shawn Estes refused to give up the double-nickel, so Hershiser had to settle for 53.


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