Maybe He's Not Such a Genius

ESPN's Bob Klapisch reports that Billy Beane almost called Brian Cashman to discuss a trade of Eric Chavez to the 3rd-baseman-less Yankees, then thought better of it.

"There's no one this side of Mickey Mantle we'd consider trading Eric Chavez for," Beane finally decided. "He's more valuable than anything we could get in return."

Personally, I'd trade Chavez for Ted Williams before Mickey Mantle. After all, Williams is cryogenically frozen, while Mantle is rotting somewhere without a liver.

But seriously, ladies and Germans, speaking of comedians, how about that Edgardo Alfonzo, now rumored to want a trade back to New York bcause he misses it? Hear me now and hear me later: whenever an athlete signs a big contract somewhere and says it isn't for the money, the proper response is a big hearty HA HA HA HA HA. With an extra HA or two thrown in. E-Alf, you had a chance to stay in New York; it was called 2 years and $10 million, or whatever the Mets allegedly offered that was a couple years and many millions shy of the Giants' offer.

So, let's just assume this rumor is correct and that Sabean and Cashman are doing a little parlay-voo on their cellie cells. What the hell could the Yankees offer? Drew Henson? (See previous "HA HA HA" statement.) Alfonso Soriano? (Ditto.) It can't be any of their newly-signed free agents, according to the rules. (Not that the Giants need another dose of Kenny Lofton.) Skimming the Yanks' 40-man roster, the only major-league-ready bat who could roughly replace Alfonzo is Matsui; his price tag is roughly the same, too. I don't know the Yanks farm system well enough to speculate on other trade bait, but my impression is that the Yanks have traded everyone worth anything the past couple of years.

I predict that if the trade is consummated, it's going to involve at least a third team. If the Giants are serious about Feliz, this could open up 3B for him full-time. (Not that I would recommend it.) They could then concentrate on getting in return for Alfonzo a power bat in RF, CF, or SS (Orlando Cabrera?), as well as a RH power bat off the bench who can spell Snow at 1B.


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