Juan Gone Cheaply

A two-time MVP who hit 24 home runs in half a season last year just signed for $4 million plus incentives that could boost his pay to $6 mil, according to this story. That would be Juan Gonzalez, who will play RF for the Royals this year. Given his injury history, yes, it's a risk, but not much of one. If the guy plays three-quarters of a season and hits 30-35 home runs, I'd say Allard Baird will be one happy dude.

Some perspective: $4 million is just over a million more than the Giants will pay The Underwhelming Trio of Hammonds ($1 mil), Tucker ($1.5 mil) and Mohr ($.35 mil) without Hammonds' incentives kicking in.

Of course, if the G's had Gonzalez at $4 mil instead of Hamtuckohr at $2.85 mil, they'd still need a couple cheap backup outfielders. But at least they'd have the big bat they so desperately need behind Bonds.

Que sera, sera...


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